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I recently took my family on a camping trip. The mattresses were easy to set up and comfortable. My kids enjoyed the zipper feature.

Jesus Peña
Riverside, CA

I like the folding feature. We used our mattresses like chairs around the campfire. Saved us space to pack other things.

Sam Stockman
Charlottesville, VA

Got the army mattress and pillow. They served their purpose.

Reed Peterson
Lansing, MI

I definitely recommend these mattresses!! They're so comfy and compact!! They're great for my weekend hikes!!

Lauren Witmer
Frederick, MD

I use my mattress every Saturday after my jog at the park. It's perfect to relax and have my after workout breakfast.

Lisa Townsend
Riverside, CA

The air pump works well. Try waving your arm inside to capture more air.

Kevin Larkin
Ogden, UT